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Me and Orson Welles Production Notes

Someone mentioned the name of Zac Efron, whose image adorns the walls of teenage bedrooms across the world, following the success of ‘High School Musical‘. “Frankly,” admits Linklater, “at that point, I had just seen ‘Hairspray’ and my first impression was that he’s almost too good looking. But in my experience, you can’t judge the full range of an actor based on what you’ve seen them in – so we set up a meeting. A minute or two into the conversation, I knew he would be a perfect Richard Samuels.”

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‘Excited’ About Sitting Next To Britney Spears At ‘VMAs’

Britney Spears has a surprise in store for her after she opens the MTV “Video Music Awards” – after she finishes opening the show, she’ll be sitting next to a “High School Musical” star. None other than… Zac Efron.

And it was news to Zac, who Access Hollywood caught up with earlier today at the Toronto Film Festival, where he’s premiering his new film “Me & Orson Wells.”

“Oh!” a shocked Zac told Access Hollywood after we broke the news to him. “I didn’t know I was sitting next to Britney Spears. Am I? Really? Ha! I’m excited.”

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Footloose (Remake)

A musical based on the theatrical film "Footloose," it's the story of a city kid forced to move to a conservative town where his love of rock music disrupts his high school and sends the local preacher into a frenzy.

Acting Credits

Zac Efron
Ren McCormack

Production Credits

Director - Kenny Ortega
Screenplay - Jon Hartmere
Producer - Dylan Sellers
Choreographer - Kenny Ortega

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Credits | Awards | Bigraphy


| Release Date/Air Date  | Credit
"High School Musical 2" 2007 Troy Bolton
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Year Award:Category Project Name
2006 Teen Choice Award  :  
    Best Chemistry
High School Musical
2006 Teen Choice Award  :  
    Breakout Star


It took just one TV movie to change young actor Zac Efron from a supporting player to a bonafide teen star. Of course, that TV movie was The Disney Channel’s tween pop cultural phenomenon, “High School Musical” (2005), which elevated Efron to major league heartthrob status for his eminently crushable turn as a high school jock who discovers his hidden love for singing. Prior to “High School Musical,” the Arroyo Grande, CA native had appeared in a string of supporting and minor roles on television, most notably in the WB teen drama “Summerland” (2004-05), which starred another reigning tween favorite, Jesse McCartney. 
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